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ArtRage painting
Whimsical, painterly, messy. Artrage is a fun program to paint in, and it gives interesting results! The default size is 1024 x 768, either portrait or landscape, but you can specify others, to a maximum size of 2048 x 2048. Please send me your references/description of the subject matter, and specify any of the following: mood, colors, simulated medium (oil paint is my favorite), or anything else you can think of.
Colored Ink Drawing
I will draw something with my fountain pen and then color it in photoshop. The level of complexity will probably be somewhere between the examples I've given. Not as low detail as the trolls, but not as high detail as Corax. It all depends on what you ask for. Please also specify colors and style of coloring, and whether you want a clear or gradient background.
Extensive Photoshop
A buncha layers, a buncha colors, textures, realistic lighting (or not). Please send me any source images you desire to be included in the pic and make sure you have the rights to that source. References are always appreciated, especially for this kind of work.

Random Favourites

Sugar rain - D275 :iconneoflo:neoflo 2 2 Navier-Stokes - D241 :iconneoflo:neoflo 27 1 You Read I Fish :iconrobin-hugh:Robin-Hugh 24 13 Microcosmos - D269 :iconneoflo:neoflo 7 2 Chasing Freedom :icontuftedpuffin:tuftedpuffin 73 25 Crimson Irony :iconyuumei:yuumei 16,600 2,381 speedpaint_18 :iconben-andrews:Ben-Andrews 239 17 S-40 Gault :iconsilberfox:silberfox 2 4 A desert in those eyes... :iconsannas:SaNNaS 152 31 Taming butterflies... :icontali-esin:Tali-esin 26 15 Intense Cuteness :iconjennypennypoppy:JennyPennyPoppy 23 10 Viper 2 :iconnightraven1:NightRaven1 21 9 In-game Moments:Driving Skills :iconn-dorfine:n-dorfine 26 26 Modeler's details :iconf16crewchief:F16CrewChief 15 13 ' 303 banking away :iconf16crewchief:F16CrewChief 95 46




So I got myself a Dragon Cave account. Let's see if these guys can avoid dying this time.


Artist | Varied
United States


Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


Interests: video games, aerospace, aviation, physics, optics, meteorology, astronomy, biology and creature design, computers, history, linguistics, cognition and perception, disaster response

Finished Projects:
- Free the Birds, for Windows. Play it!
Ongoing Projects:
- Philogenetics - Gallery and List
- SABRE Squadron Website
- Cloud Collecting
- 100 Themes Challenge

My blog: The Entropy Factor (not really updated much)

- Web Comics - Girl Genius, Schlock Mercenary, Archipelago
- Forum Adventures/MSPA - Homestuck, Problem Sleuth, Superego, I Am Triangles, Chiasmata/Electrophoresis
- Games - Defenders Quest, Half Life series, Portal series, Star Fox 64
- Movies + Shows - Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Iron Man, Lego Movie! Wreck-it Ralph, Megamind
- Internet Culture - Half Life: Full-Life Consequences, Freeman's Mind

My History of Digital Art
- Oldschool Paint (1994-ish) - from when all color blending was dithering
- Oldschool Powerpoint (1994-97 ish) - basic vector graphics and deconstructing clipart into monstrosities
- Photoshop Elements with mouse ~ 2002 - some really dumb fanart (gradient tool, wow) and editing scanned drawings
- Photoshop with tablet ~2005 - Finally picked up Digital Painting
- Illustrator vector art ~2005 - Architectural illustration for work
- Gimp with tablet ~2009 until present - Digital painting with open source software = win.
- Flash vector art ~2011 until present - Cute 5th grade science illustrations for work.

Major Game Influences (roughly chronological)
- Jill of the Jungle
- Jazz Jackrabbit
- Donkey Kong Country 1 + 2
- Sonic the Hedgehog
- Pokemon
- Starfox 64
- Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
- Super Smash Bros
- Kirby 64
- Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
- Sonic Advance
- Final Fantasy 6
- Metroid Prime
- Chrono Trigger
- Grandia II
- Ico
- Shadow of the Colossus
- Portal
- Half Life 2
- Team Fortress 2
- Freespace 2
- Metroid Prime 2 and 3
- Ace Combat 04 + Zero
- Aquaria
- Psychonauts
- Lars's games: Super Energy Apocalypse, Cellcraft, Defenders' Quest
- My games: Free the Birds, Paper Dragon (etc)
- Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
- Papers Please, Fez, Risk of Rain (indie pixel style)



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When I remember, I will.
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That's good.
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Oh hello, thanks for the comment. I don't generally do adventure style stuff on my deviant art though.
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I generally don't even post on my deviant art anymore so ... I guess that makes two of us? :)
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Happy birthday.
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